About Us

Who we are and what we do

Beer without Borders is a not for profit project with an aim to bring the love of craft beer to as many people as possible.  The craft beer community is a vibrant and growing one with many amazing breweries making exceptional beers. We run festivals bringing EU brewers to Scotland and taking Scottish brewers to European festivals.  In 2020 despite covid-19, we expanded our operations to include a permanent craft beer taproom in Dumfries and have many exciting plans to come in 2021.

Our mission 

Scotland has a long history of strong ties with Europe from the many royal marriages between Scottish Kings and princesses from Europe, to the shared love of rich culture and art and European wine being shipped to Loch Fyne in the 15th century. Why should craft beer be any different?

Beer Without Borders was created with the idea to forge links between the Scottish craft beer community and our European cousins and sharing special beers with our friends and guests. 

By sharing our Scottish beers and culture at events and festivals across Europe, we are developing close bonds while supporting the expansion into each others markets and bringing some of the best craft beers to our local communities. 

We won't let Brexit separate us!

BWB in Dumfries 

The founder of BWB Andrew grew up in Dumfries and so this lovely corner of Scotland has a special place in the heart of BWB.

Riverside tap in Dumfries, our first Taproom, aims to put Dumfries firmly on the craft beer map and to bring craft beer lovers to visit Robert Burns' home town and enjoy the many attractions Dumfries has to offer.

We are keen to find ways to make a positive contribution to the local community.

Head to the Riverside Tap tab to find out more and to see when you can pay us a visit. 

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