About us

Beer Without Borders has a passion for bringing together the best of craft breweries from Scotland and the rest of the EU in a network of mutual support and collaboration.  We are a small not for profit organisation supported by a team of craft beer enthusiasts with a range of useful skills.  

The team

All members of the team, including the founder (Andrew Pearson) are volunteers, with no pay.  We do it for the passion we share the project and any profits we make from the taproom or events will continue to be retained within the project to support our ongoing activities and plans for the future 

What's in it for us?

We have been lucky enough to work with many wonderful people throughout the craft beer community from across Europe, and have formed some precious friendships as a result.   Through our passion for the project we all derive huge pleasure from seeing the fruits of our endeavours to support our network of partners in brewing, collaboration, entry into new markets, festivals, and much more.   We love visiting and participating at festivals here in Scotland and across Europe, where we meet new brewers, discover new beers and form bonds with amazing people across the field.

What's in it for you?


We bring superb and innovative craft beers from across Europe to Scotland for our friends to experience and take some of Scotland's best beers from both established breweries and new starts to share with our European friends.   We are always keen to welcome new partners, so please give us a shout if you'd like to join us and introduce your beers to new markets.

If you're a craft beer lover either in Scotland or across the EU, please come along to our events & festivals or visit our Taproom in Dumfries (Riverside Tap) to experience a variety of special beers you have probably not tried before.    At some of our events you will have an opportunity to meet the brewer and discuss their brewing and plans for the future


We also work with skilled artisan Cider makers (currently Scottish and Basque)   to introduce their special creations to you.  

We are keen to do our best to support talented newly started breweries by introducing your beers to our discerning customers.

We will soon be importing and distributing EU beers in Scotland, which are not currently available in the UK, and also do our best to support Scottish breweries to begin exporting to our EU neighbours and friends.

Collaboration, not Competition!

We are always keen to welcome new partners to our network and to work together with similar organisations.  We want to work with and support our friends and colleagues in pubs, bars, restaurants & breweries.  Please don't be coy in making suggestions for ways in which we can work together for the benefits of our organisations and customers.l



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