• Andrew Pearson

Full steam ahead for Edinburgh Craft Beer Experience

Following the spectacular success of our Scotland booth at Artbeerfest in Caminha, Northern Portugal we managed a short period of respite to enjoy other peoples' festivals before staring to put things together for our partnership with Edinburgh Craft Beer Experience, which takes place at Assembly Roxy in Edinburgh from 31 October -2 November 2019. Street level will feature a superb selection of UK craft breweries, mostly Scottish, while in the downstairs bar and snug Beer Without Borders will be showcasing a large range of ultra special beers from our partners across the EU. The beer list will be finalised very soon, with creations from Lervig (Norway), Bidassoa (Pais Basque, Spain), Reketye (Budapest), Mala Gissona (Pais Basque, Spain) , Totenhopfen (Luxembourg), Edge (Barcelona), Tanker (Tallinn, Estonia), Santocristo (Galicia, Spain), Galibier (France), DouGall's (Cantabria, Spain), Pyynikin (Finland) and La Quince (Madrid). We are working on plans to hold at least one Masterclass featuring a prestigious head brewer from one of our partners.

Join us in the snug downstairs to unwind to our chillout and deep House playlists as you enjoy some of the EU's best craft beers.

Boris will hate us!

We'll post more updates as plans are finalised.


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